Patrons and Sponsors

The Hopkins Society is a small literary Society; income from members’ annual subscriptions is currently insufficient to fund all our activities and overheads. An invitation for members to consider becoming Patrons of the Society and Sponsors of particular activities has been met with great generosity.

A Patron of the Society is asked to commit to an annual benefaction of a minimum of £1000 for a limited period of two or three years.

A Sponsor is asked to undertake the costs of individual publications, activities or projects (e.g. an annual issue of the Journal, an occasional publication, a lecture). These costs range between £150 to £500.

If you would like to become a Patron of the Society or a Sponsor of one of our publications or activities, please contact the President or the Treasurer for further information (visit the Join Us page for contact information).

The Society would like to express its gratitude to the following:

Elaine and Steven Marshall (2020-2022)

Lore Chumbley (publication costs of the Journal (no. 40, 2020)
Dr Annabel Hennessy (redesign costs of the Society’s website)
Michael Burgess (publication costs of “Father and mother dear, Brothers and sisters near”: Gerard Manley Hopkins’ Family Circle (2021)