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Please visit the Our Journal page for details about purchasing extra copies of the Hopkins Society Journal as well as guidance on contributing to the content. is the USA based “Official” Hopkins website, authorised and sponsored by the International Hopkins Society based in the Loyola University of Chicago which has a large collection of photos and audio/videos of rendition of Hopkins poems as well as a section of the poems themselves, study guides and guides to the terminology Hopkins used.

Dramatised version of “The Wreck of the Deutschland”
The “Wreck of the Deutschland” is Hopkins’ longest and most famous poem annotated and arranged for reading aloud by several voices. It is a study resource aimed at individuals or groups. The reading aloud is only an option for groups who want to hear or study the poem together. The booklet also offers footnotes to explain each difficult word or phrase, and a short summary of each stanza to help readers follow the general drift. 
Available as a 20-page A5 booklet, or in larger print in A4. (Please indicate size required)
£5 for either version individually plus £2 postage and packing (£6 p+p overseas) – for multiple copies please add 15% extra p+p
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Past UK Hopkins Society Lectures
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Catherine Phillips “Bushy Bowered Wood” (1993)
Fr Paul Edwards SJ “The Deutschland and the Wonderland” (1996)
Gladys Mary Coles “At Beauty Aghast: Hopkins and his true Arcadia” (1999)
Peter Roberts “A Lovely Art” (2000)
Michael Alexander ” Catholicism romantically revived – Hopkins and Medievalism” (2001)
Kate Glover “The Roll, the Rise,, the Carol, the Creation – Hopkins in Performance” (2002)
David Scott “Hopkins since the 6th Form” 
Rowan Williams “The Self in Poetry” (2005)
Nicholas Sagovsky “The Self as Theologian” (2014)
Lesley Higgins “Examining Hopkins Private texts” (2015)
Lesley Higgins “Kind Sweet, Earnest Hopkins” (2017)
Lance Pierson “Hopkins and Milton”  (2018)

YouTube videos
Presentations prepared and delivered online by members of the UK Hopkins Society:

Time spent in Wales by Gerard Manley Hopkins
Time spent by Hopkins in England

“Father and mother dear, brothers and sisters near”: Gerard Manley Hopkins’ Family Circle
This is a series of essays about the Hopkins family circle put together in 2021 by Hopkins Society members, It is a symposium which originated in talks given in Stratford Library in 2017. The essays bring Gerard and his family together, exploring the lives of parents, brothers, sisters and Aunt Anne and the part they played in his own life and creativity.
Contributors are as follows:
Manley Hopkins and his Books – Jill Robson
Kate Hopkins – Chris Proudfoot
Aunt Ann or Anne or Annie – Lance Pierson
Father Gerard and Brothers Hopkins – Annabel Hennessy
Father Gerard and his Three Sisters – Michael Burgess

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The Collected Works of Gerard Manley Hopkins
General Editors:  Lesley Higgins and Michael F. Suarez, S.J.

Oxford University Press

Volumes I and II: Correspondence
Edited by R.K.R. Thornton and Catherine Phillips
Complete and freshly re-edited from the original manuscripts
Presented in chronological order with all letters to Hopkins included in the sequence
Hopkins’s alterations and corrections are included, illuminating the movement of the writer’s mind
Detailed introduction and comprehensive annotation

Volume III: Diaries, Journals, and Notebooks
Edited by Lesley Higgins
The first unexpurgated edition of GMH’s extant diaries
Includes of all the sketches and small drawings made in his diaries
Includes drafts of the poems written while Hopkins was a student at Oxford

Volume IV: Oxford Essays and Notes 1863-1868
Edited by Lesley Higgins
Includes a remarkable amount of previously-unpublished material
Contents are chronologically arranged allowing readers to follow Hopkins’s intellectual development
Full scholarly apparatus including extensive annotations and translations, cross-referencing, substantial introductory materials and index

Volume V: Sermons and Spiritual Writings
Edited by Jude V. Nixon and Noel Barber, S.J.
The latest addition to Oxford’s Collected Works of Gerard Manley Hopkins
Clearly laid out, and chronologically arranged
All phrases and quotations in Latin and Greek are translated, immediately after the passage
Readers will be able to follow Hopkins’s spiritual development and challenges from his undergraduate lessons to his final ‘retreat’
Students familiar and unfamiliar with Hopkins and his religious milieux will benefit from the overview of the issues presented; extensive information about his Jesuit training; and background materials on central figures in his religious life
One index, for easy access, will guide readers, at a glance, through the volume. Those interested in Hopkins’s prose as it relates to his poetry, Victorian religious studies, and Victorian culture will be easily accommodated

Volume VI: Sketches and Scholarly Studies: Part 1: Academic, Classical, and Lectures on Poetry
Edited by R. K. R. Thornton
Presents largely unpublished material, broadening our understanding of Hopkins’s classical background and skill
A new, critical edition of Hopkins’s only formal examination of poetry
Offers a new understanding of the range of poetries of different nations and languages that Hopkins explored
Illuminates the extent to which serious attention to the details of Hopkins’s education in the Classics allows a deeper understanding of the roots of his poetry

Volume VII: The Dublin Notebook
Edited by Lesley J. Higgins and Michael F. Suarez
The latest addition to Oxford’s Collected Works of Gerard Manley Hopkins
Presents a previously unpublished manuscript of Hopkins’s work
Provides a digitized facsimile of the manuscript pages, alongside careful transcription
Offers a unique glimpse into Hopkins’s emotional life and private thoughts
An excellent resource for students studying manuscripts, life-writing, or Victorian private lives