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The Hopkins Society Journal 2021:
Hopkins and Other Writers


Notes on Contributors (inside front cover)

The Flower blossoming in Spring: Hopkins and George Herbert
Sarah Sheppard

The Instress of Feeling: Hopkins and Keats
Annabel Hennessy

Work in Progress: Hopkins and the Manifoldness of Knowledge
Anna Nickerson

Pilgrims Still Pilgrims: The Inverse Lives of Hopkins and T.S. Eliot
James Harpur

Setting Off Ripples in Spiritual Space: Hopkins and Thomas Merton
Jill Robson

Companionship in Suffering: Hopkins and Elizabeth Goudge
Kate Glover

Two Poets a Century Apart: Hopkins and George Mackay Brown
Maggie Fergusson

The Maker and the Made: ‘Forgèd Feature’ in Hopkins and Heaney
Michael Wood

Walking from Lydiate: Hopkins and Me
Dudley Harrop

Poetic Pimpernel – Hopkins Sightings
Kate Glover

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