2021 Highflyers Highgate Conference

2 October 2021. We had originally planned with the Betjeman Society to have The Highgate Highflyers conference in person during the first weekend of October. After consulting the ALS committee, it was held online. 

During that day there were online talks by Lance Pierson on ‘Poetry’s Odd Couple’ by Lance Pierson about the links between Hopkins and Betjeman;  Dr Jane Wright on ‘Making Sense of Hopkins’Poetry’; Dr Jill Robson on ‘Hopkins, Betjeman and Victorian Church Architecture’ and Julia Hudson on the ‘Highgate School Archives of the Two Poets’. At first sight they seem very different poets, but there are many points of intersection between the two in their lives, poetry and interests.

It was a very successful day with excellent sessions by the contributors. Robin Pierson, Lance’s son read Lance’s session as he was not well enough on the day (although he was present via zoom). At the UK Hopkins Society Steering Group meeting on October 28, the President, Michael Burgess paid tribute to Lance’s work with this day as he had spearheaded the whole enterprise from the first meetings in 2019 through to October on behalf of both the Hopkins and Betjeman Societies.