18 June 2022 Hopkins Day at St Bartholomew’s Church

Saturday June 18 at St Bartholomew’s Church, Haslemere, Surrey.

We are intending to meet in St Bartholomew’s Church in Haslemere, which has a memorial window to Gerard Manley Hopkins donated by his grieving parents less than a year after his death. It was in memory of a dear son – he was not a famous poet then. Rather surprisingly, the stained-glass window next to it is a memorial to the Poet Laureate Tennyson, who had also lived there. Gerard’s parents and family moved to Haslemere from Hampstead three years before he died.

He visited Haslemere only once, but his parents, sisters and brothers lived on in a house built for them, until the last one died in 1952. So there is a long Hopkins family association with Haslemere.

On the visit, we will hear about the history and iconography of the GMH memorial window.  We will also hear from a local historian about the involvement of the Hopkins family. We will visit the family house (at least seeing it from the outside), and see various family graves. 

The programme for the day:

  • 10.30am Coffee at the Link
  • 11.00am ‘Gerard Manley Hopkins and his family in Haslemere’ – Katherine Jessel
  • 12.15pm ’Suffering and Transformation: the history and iconography of the memorial window’ – Dr Jill Robson
  • 1.15pm Lunch
  • 2.30pm The churchyard and the Garth (viewing….)
  • 3.30pm ‘Gerard Manley Hopkins the composer ‘ – Michael Burgess
  • 4.30pm Tea and depart

Fee for the event; £25 + £25 for buffet lunch